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Advisor Resources

Advisor Resources

How you can help students

Encourage students to plan at least a year in advance of their study away program and let them know it’s never too early to start thinking about studying away!


The Office of Global Engagement Kaltura page hosts a variety of helpful videos:


Request a classroom presentation:

  • Unfortunately, OGE will NOT be offering in-person classroom presentations this semester. Instead please utilize this Classroom Presentation Recording on Kaltura of the classroom presentation for you to share with your students in class or on eLC. 
  • We also are welcoming requests for live Zoom classroom presentations, in which a representative from OGE would give a short 5-10 minute presentation about global education (a longer, 30 minute presentation is also available). 
    Click Here to Make a Classroom Presentation Request
    Please submit requests for Zoom presentation sessions at least one to two weeks in advance. Once you have submitted a request, we will be in contact with you within 3-5 business days to schedule an appropriate time for a member of our staff or student volunteer to conduct the Zoom meeting. Please contact a Global Education Advisor at if you have any questions or need any clarification. 

Finding a program:

  • First guide students to StudyAway 101 Sessions
  • Tell students about any UGA Faculty-Led Programs within your department that might work for their major or minor
  • Take a look at the StudyAway website
  • Let students know that if they find a program on their own, they need to see the Office of Global Engagement for approval.


  • Help students identify courses that do not have a residency requirement
  • Upper level electives outside their major or minor are often easier to find abroad and get approval for
  • General Education Courses can be found abroad
  • On the Transfer Credit Approval Form you will identify how courses fit into their degree plan. If they want approval for a specific course, language class, or business course they will need to go to the department for approval.

Steps for Students

  • Attend a StudyAway 101 Session
  • Students who are unsure about what type of program, destination, etc. should go to our Walk-in Hours. 
    • Spring 16 hours M-F 9-5pm at the OGE
    • Drop-in Tables at the MLC are Mondays and Wednesdays 1-3
  • Making an Appointment with an Global Education Advisor can be done online.
  • Application
    • Students should begin an application on the StudyAway Portal. If they are doing a Non-UGA program and they cannot find an application, let them know to complete the Non-UGA General Program Application
  • Transfer Credit Approval Form
    • This should be discussed in their first appointment with an Global Education Advisor but please let students know that if they are doing a UGA Exchange or Non-UGA program they will need to complete this form the semester before they go abroad. This is necessary for them to receive financial aid.

Important Dates/Deadlines

  • UGA Exchanges*- September 15 for Spring semester and February 1st for Fall Semester
  • OGE Scholarship – February 15 for Fall and October 24 for Spring and Early Summer
  • Gilman Scholarship- 1st Tuesday in March and October
  • For Non-UGA Programs, Transfer Credit Approval Forms are due by:
    • Fall programs - April 15th
    • Spring programs - November 15th
    • Summer programs - April 15th

*Some deadlines may be earlier depending on the university (PDF)


Advisors can request hard copies of the above publications that will be delivered via campus mail.

Request Hard Copy Publications

Global Certificate Program

As we compete in a global economy, individuals who understand international issues will possess valuable skills needed in current and future employment opportunities.

OGE offers year round certificate training Global Certificate Program in conjunction with UGA Training and Development. The certificate series is designed to foster understanding of and appreciation for the importance of our international relationships, including
  • International students visiting UGA
  • UGA students studying, interning, working, or volunteering abroad
  • International scholars sharing knowledge and expertise with the UGA community
  • International Partnerships
Participants who attend the General Global Competencies workshop plus four additional workshops in the series will receive a certificate of completion.

The workshop series will benefit:
  • Faculty members who recruit, hire, and work with international scholars and researchers.
  • Advisors that work closely with international students and assist students interested in global experiences.
  • Business and office managers who handle paperwork and interact with international students and scholars.
  • Faculty and Staff who run, or are starting, a study away program.
  • Anyone who desires to encourage understanding of other cultures within the UGA community.
Workshop examples: 
  • General global competencies (introductory program)
  • F-1 students
  • J-1 scholars
  • H-1B scholars
  • EA 101
  • Any session that’s a part of the Global Advisor Series
  • Hiring international students
  • Permanent residency issues
  • Advising International Students
  • StudyAway Risk Management
  • StudyAway financial training
  • UGA services for international students
  • From Service to Service Learning
  • "Hot Topics" in international payroll and personnel issues
  • StudyAway nuts and bolts
  • Initiating bi-lateral cooperative agreements
  • Meaningful International Partnerships
Go to Training and Development to sign up for courses.