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UGA Scholarships
Brittney Fox Watts Study Abroad in Sustainability Scholarship

Eligibility: UGA undergraduate and graduate students attending a UGA-sponsored study abroad or exchange program focused on sustainability. These funds are provided through the generous support of family and friends of Brittney Fox Watts to the Brittney Fox Watts Memorial Fund.

Amount: A minimum $500 enhancement.

Deadline: Deadline once per calendar year, in Fall.

Contact: Kevin Kirsche, Office of Sustainability, 706-542-1301,

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Certificate in International Agriculture Scholarship

Eligibility: For UGA students pursuing Certificate in International Agriculture only.

Contact: Victoria McMaken, 221 Hoke Smith Building, 706-542-1073,

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College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences International Travel Scholarship

Eligibility: For UGA students in CAES enrolled in CAES-sponsored study abroad, international internship or exchange programs.

Deadline: Applications due in November or March.

Preference is given to undergraduate students.

Contact: Dr. Josef Broder, 102 Conner Hall, 706-542-1611,

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College of Engineering

Eligibility: The Rowan Study Abroad Scholarship for students in the College of Engineering. Selection for this scholarship is based on academic performance and need.
Deadline: May 31

Preference will be given to students who select non-English speaking destinations and enroll in engineering coursework at those destinations.

Contact: College of Engineering Honorifics Committee,

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College of Family and Consumer Sciences
Multiple scholarships available.

Deadline: Applications due in January.

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Department of Classics Study Abroad Scholarships

Linda J. Piper Award for Studies Abroad

The Linda J. Piper Award for Studies Abroad Fund is a joint fund of the Departments of Classics and History, administered by the Classics Department. The award, established in honor of Professor Linda J. Piper, is to alternate between the Departments of Classics and History with Classics bestowing the award in odd-numbered years. It is intended to assist students to offset expenses, such as tuition, fees, and transportation costs, directly related to studying away. All students majoring in the Classics Department are eligible to apply for the award.

Deadline: February 28 in non-leap years

David L. Thompson Study Abroad in Classics Scholarship

The David L. Thompson Studies Abroad Scholarship was established in memory of Dr. David Lowell Thompson, a former member of the Classics Department faculty. The scholarship is intended to assist undergraduate students who study away in the Classics within the Franklin College of Arts and Sciences. Selection criteria are based upon academic excellence, with preference given to majors, minors, and graduate students in the Department of Classics. Recipients of the Thompson Scholarship must enroll in and complete the Study Abroad Program in Rome sponsored by the University of Georgia Department of Classics.

Deadline: February 28  

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Department of History Study Abroad Scholarship

Eligibility: Scholarship for undergraduate history majors to participate in an official UGA StudyAway program or approved non-UGA program.

Deadlines: October 15 for spring study away programs and February 28 for summer and fall programs

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Department of Romance Languages French Graduate Research Travel Award

Eligibility: Awards are granted for domestic or international conference presentations, or travel necessary for research (such as libraries or other collections, linguistic field work, etc.). In order to be eligible, applicants must be full-time graduate students in the French program.

Amount: The Department invites applications for travel awards of up to $1000.

Preference will be given to doctoral students. If you wish to apply for these funds, please send your application materials to the Graduate Coordinator.

Contact: Dr. Stacey Casado, 210 Gilbert Hall,

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Education - International Scholarship

Eligibility: For students enrolled in the UGA College of Education.

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Experiential Learning Scholarship

The Office of Experiential Learning is pleased to announce the availability of a limited number of scholarships to support experiential learning activities. Students must be eligible and activities must be on the approved list of any college to be considered for funding.

Deadline: Varies

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FLAS Fellowship

Eligibility: The Latin American and Caribbean Studies Institute at the University of Georgia is pleased to announce its Academic Year and Summer competition for FLAS Fellowships to study Portuguese and Quechua. FLAS Fellowships are authorized under Title VI of the Higher Education Act and are administered by the United States Department of Education. The purpose of the FLAS Fellowship program is: “To assist in the development of knowledge, resources, and trained personnel for modern foreign language and area studies, to stimulate the attainment of foreign language acquisition and fluency, and to develop a pool of international experts to meet national needs.”

Deadline:  Applications due in February for Summer programs and in April for Academic Year programs

Contact: Paul Duncan,

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Franklin College Of Arts and Sciences Study Abroad Scholarships

Franklin College of Arts & Sciences International Scholarship Fund

Eligibility: For undergraduate/graduate students in the Franklin College of Arts and Sciences.

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French Study Abroad Award

Eligibility: French-language study in a French-speaking country. Applicants must be full-time undergraduate students at the University of Georgia. The award recipient will be recognized at the Pi Delta Phi ceremony in April.

Amount: The Department of Romance Languages French Study Abroad Award is a prize worth up to $1000 (depending on the availability of funding).


  • Spring programs - last Friday before Thanksgiving
  • Summer & Fall programs - first Monday after Spring Break

Contact: Dr. Jonathan Krell, Department of Romance Languages, 241 Gilbert Hall,

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Germanic & Slavic Studies Kicklighter Study Abroad Travel Grants

Eligibility: Each year, the Department of Germanic & Slavic Studies awards several Kicklighter travel grants to students planning to study away during the summer or for the entire academic year. Selection criteria include the student’s overall academic standing, students’ proficiency in German or Russian, course work in the field, and the nature and quality of the program a student plans to attend. Eligible to apply are students with majors or minors in German, Russian, and Germanic & Slavic Languages.

Amount: The grants normally range from $500-$1000 and are intended to encourage study away by defraying travel expenses for the student. They are also an academic distinction and are given on a competitive basis.

Contact: Jordon Ropson, 201 Joseph E. Brown Hall, 706-542-3663,

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Honors International Scholarship

Eligibility: Available for second and third-year Honors students.

Amount: Awards range from $2500 to $5000.

Deadline: Once a year deadline in Fall.

Contact: Maria de Rocher, 706-542-6908,

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IAU College Meredith Hope Emerson French Honors Scholarhsip

Eligibility: The Institute for American Universities (IAU), with study away programs in Aix-en-Provence, France, is proud to introduce the Meredith Hope Emerson French Studies Scholarship Program for qualified University of Georgia (UGA) students interested in a semester or summer study away in France with IAU. The scholarship program, created in memory of Meredith Hope Emerson, a former IAU French Honors Student, offers two half-tuition semester scholarships and one half-tuition summer scholarship for qualified UGA students enrolled in IAU French Studies classes.

Amount: For the two semester scholarships, worth up to $5,700 each, one will be given to a UGA student based on merit and the second will be awarded based on financial need. The summer scholarship, worth up to $3,200, will be awarded based on merit.

Application Procedures: Interested students must first apply to IAU's Aix-en-Provence campus via their website. Students need to submit official transcripts and additional required documents as stipulated by IAU. The essay component required by IAU will be used as part of the application for the scholarship. Once accepted to the IAU program, students wishing to qualify for the scholarship must send an e-mail to Professor Jonathan Krell at and include the following: name, major(s), cumulative GPA and French experience. While not required, students may add a personal statement. Those who would like to be considered based on financial need are not required to share any personal information regarding their financial status but a general description of the situation would be encouraged.


  • Spring Semester Program - November 15
  • Summer and Fall Semester Program - March 15

Contact: Dr. Jonathan Krell, 241 Gilbert Hall, 706-542-3150,

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Meredith Hope Emerson Memorial Award for Study Abroad

Eligibility: The Meredith Hope Emerson Memorial Award for Study Abroad was established in 2008 to honor and remember Meredith's love for and excellence in the study of French Language and Culture. The prize will be awarded for French-language study in a French-speaking country. Applicants must be full-time undergraduate students at the University of Georgia. The award recipient will be recognized at the Pi Delta Phi ceremony in April.

Amount: This scholarship offers a student $1000.


  • Spring Programs – last Friday before Thanksgiving
  • Summer & Fall Programs – first Monday after Spring Break

Preference given to current and former residents of the French Language Community.

Contact: Dr. Jonathan Krell, Department of Romance Languages, 241 Gilbert Hall,

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Modern Languages Scholarship

Eligibility: The Modern Languages Scholarship Fund was established in 1976 to provide scholarship money for students majoring in modern foreign languages. The competition is limited to full-time undergraduate students whose declared majors are in the Department of Romance Languages or Foreign Language Education in Romance Languages.

Amount: Normally four awards of approximately $300 granted to students in study away programs in Summer or Fall.

Deadline: April 2

Contact: Dr. Stacey Casado, Head of Department of Romance Languages, 210 Gilbert Hall,

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SPIA Public and International Affairs

Eligibility: The School of Public and International Affairs is offering need-based scholarships for students wishing to participate in SPIA Study Abroad programs.  All students with a SPIA major (political science or international affairs) declared before the current term and who have filed a FAFSA form with the Office of Student Financial Aid are eligible to apply. The scholarships are:

  • The following scholarships are available to SPIA students participating in a SPIA study abroad program in spring/summer 2020:
  • SPIA Study Abroad Scholarship – $5,000
  • SPIA Alumni Board Study Abroad Scholarships – one each for $5,000 & $2,500
  • John Haire Study Abroad Scholarship – $4,000
  • Terry A. and Margaret P. Mathews Study Abroad Scholarship – $1,200*
  • Han S. Park Fund Study Abroad Scholarship – $1,000
  • Charles S. Bullock III Experiential Learning Fund Study Abroad Scholarship – $4,000
* The Terry A. and Margaret P. Mathews award gives preference to students who are legal residents of Oglethorpe, Pierce, or Ware Counties in Georgia, or if no eligible applicant is from those counties, then preference is given to a legal resident of Georgia.

Deadline: Late September

Contact Paul Welch at for more information on scholarships to support study away experiences.

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Terry College of Business

Eligibility: Scholarships for majors in the Terry College of Business attending Terry College of Business faculty-led study away programs.

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Tinker Graduate Field Research Award Competition


Eligibility: With funding provided by the Tinker Foundation, the Franklin College of Arts and Sciences and the UGA Graduate School, travel awards are granted to highly qualified UGA graduate students from any discipline interested in conducting preliminary field research in the Spanish or Portuguese-speaking Latin American and Caribbean region, excluding Puerto Rico, during summer.  Preference is given to doctoral level applicants who have applied for the LACSI graduate certificate but all with an interest in graduate research in Latin America are encouraged to apply. Masters level graduate students are also encouraged to apply. Awards may be used for international airfare and in-country travel, as well as associated country entry/exit fees, travel insurance, visas, etc.

Deadline: March

Contact: Paul Duncan,

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UGA at Oxford Endowed Scholarships Fund
For full descriptions of each of the available funds, please select the links below:
Scholarships are based on both need and merit.

You can apply for one or all of these scholarships at once by selecting the appropriate options within the Oxford Endowed Scholarships application.

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UGA Cortona Franklin College of Arts & Sciences Endowed Scholarship
UGA Foundation Incentive Scholarship for Study Abroad: UGA Cortona
UGA Foundation Incentive Scholarship for Study Abroad: UGA at Oxford
UGA Graduate Dean's Award for International Study

Eligibility: Student applicant must be enrolled in a UGA Graduate degree and plan to participate in a UGA-approved academic activity overseas in the Maymester or summer terms. Examples of eligible activities include UGA faculty-led study away programs, approved Non-UGA study away programs and independent activities away such as research or an internship for academic credit.

Deadline: Accepted on a rolling basis until March 15.  Final awards will be made by March 31.

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Weldon H. Johnson Access Abroad Scholarship

Eligibility: Must be UGA student registered with the Disability Resource Center participating in a UGA faculty-led study away program for resident credit.

Deadline: April

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