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UGA Cortona - Terry - Junemester Summer Business & Image in Italy : Reviews (Cortona)

The following program review responses have been selected for publication by UGA StudyAway
Program Evaluation
Summer 2019 Participant
Loved all the excursions.


Abigail Nicole Hutchinson, Summer 2019 Participant
Cortona was the perfect location for my study abroad experience. The small town felt like home within the first week. I made the most amazing friendships and memories that I will cherish forever. We are already planning our return to Cortona for the 75th and 100th anniversary celebrations.


Summer 2019 Participant
The Terry Business and Image Junemester not only reached, but exceeded my expectations. Going into this program I was most excited about the International Business aspect of it, but I left with way more than just an insight to that. This program will give you a group of around 30-lifetime friends, expertise in photography where you'll learn about things like f-stops and ISO, and an insight on International Business through incredible business visits to places like K-Array. Cortona is the perfect place for a study abroad, it's big enough where it takes you a little to learn your way around but also small enough where if you really try you can see, smell, and taste everything in about a month. Weekend trips to places like Venice, Florence, and Rome help you gain a bigger appreciation for the different regions of Italy and the different accents and cultures which make up Italy. This program is not like any other, and it helped me find my second home in the Tuscan Valley in Cortona.


Summer 2019 Participant
The Terry Junemester in Cortona was the best study abroad experience I could ask for. The professors were excellent and made sure we were able to enjoy our time abroad. I've made memories and friendships that will last a lifetime.


Summer 2019 Participant
Cortona will provide you with a unique, valuable experience to immerse yourself into a completely different culture that will help you appreciate what you have when you get home.