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and France : Reviews (Barcelona)

The following program review responses have been selected for publication by UGA StudyAway
Program Evaluation
Devin Elizabeth Haygood, Maymester 2018 Participant
It was enough work/excursions that I felt I took away a lot without feeling overloaded and unable to enjoy the trip


Devin Elizabeth Haygood, Maymester 2018 Participant
Lots of local markets that were very cool


Devin Elizabeth Haygood, Maymester 2018 Participant
Definitely a worthwhile experience


Teal Gambrell Matthews, Maymester 2018 Participant
Great value. I do not think I could travel and do the things we did for as reasonably priced as this study abroad!


Maymester 2018 Participant
I thought the program met all of my expectations and I was able to experience the Italian culture in its fullest.


Maymester 2018 Participant
Very great and well-planned program


Maymester 2018 Participant
For future participants- pack lightly and leave lots and lots of room for souvenirs. Learn as much Italian as you can while you're there because it's a very valuable skill and even though most people speak English there are times when you will need to know a few Italian words.


Amanda Michelle Carlson, Maymester 2018 Participant
This was such a great experience and I am so glad that I was able to participate in this study abroad trip! Thank you Dr. Cooper and Dr. Paton for a wonderful start to the summer!!


Maymester 2018 Participant
This program allowed me to experience the Italian culture in its fullest. I learned amazing skills in food and nutrition and made some of the best friends I have ever had.


Maymester 2018 Participant
In America, meals are for eating. In Italy, meals are for bringing people together.


Devin Elizabeth Haygood, Maymester 2018 Participant
One of the most enjoyable experiences of my life! Highly recommend!


Maymester 2018 Participant
You don't want to miss this opportunity to see the beautiful cities and countryside of Italy!


Teal Gambrell Matthews, Maymester 2018 Participant
The best, most eye-opening 3 weeks of your college career!


Alyssa Dianne Paul, Maymester 2018 Participant
Go on this study abroad, you will not regret the friends you make, the people you meet in another country and you certainly will come back home wishing you could do it all over again!!


Charity Grace Conner, Maymester 2019 Participant
Study abroad was an excellent opportunity and exposed me to new cultures and cuisines and helped better my nutrition education.


Madelyn Claire Hansen, Maymester 2019 Participant
This trip and the people you meet, the sights you see, the food you eat, and the memories you make are absolutely magical--don't miss out on such an incredible experience.


Caroline Mclendon Wieler, Maymester 2019 Participant
This study abroad program was more than I could have ever hoped for. The insight that I got into the cultures of these countries will never be forgotten. Go, go, go!


Maymester 2019 Participant
This experience helped me better understand the culture surrounding food in different countries, all while growing closer with 20 other people and making lifetime friends!