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UGA Cortona - Terry - Maymester Business & Image in Italy : Reviews (Cortona)

The following program review responses have been selected for publication by UGA StudyAway
Program Evaluation
Ryan T Muehlberger, Maymester 2019 Participant
This was my first time traveling abroad, and I could not have had a better experience. Cortona was such a fun town to explore and live in. I loved the excursions we went on, especially the trip to Florence. This trip was the perfect mix between studying and exploring Italy.


Uma Swati Kasibhatla, Maymester 2019 Participant
Studying at Cortona was an amazing experience. The excursions to Rome and Florence were a lot of fun and we were able to experience the cities in-depth. Our free days were also a cool opportunity to explore Italy on our own and learn about things like navigating the train system.


Jillian Elizabeth Lauricella, Maymester 2019 Participant
What I have learned and gained from this program is not simply captured by my newfound understanding and appreciation of Italian culture and business, but it is in my refined palette from the exposure to fine Italian wines and new foods, my heart still bursting from the Sistine Chapel and cathedral visits, the luscious landscape and hills of Cortona still imprinted in my mind, and my friendships with fellow program participants and connections with local Italians that I will remember and cherish most.


Maymester 2019 Participant
A lifetime's worth of experiences in three weeks


Maymester 2019 Participant
I LOVED the program and feel like I learned so much from the experience!