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UGA - Warnell - Discover Abroad: Maymester Australia and New Zealand: International Business (Blue) : Reviews (Christchurch)

The following program review responses have been selected for publication by Education Abroad
Program Evaluation
Robert Clayton Chambers, Maymester 2016 Participant
Better than I though it could be. 10/10 would do again or recommend to a friend.


Maymester 2016 Participant
I'm convinced this is the best study abroad out there


Ryan Andrew Summers, Maymester 2017 Participant
The best trip of my life. You do so much in a small amount of time. What you get out of the program versus the cost is totally worth it. Memories for a lifetime.


Maymester 2016 Participant
Came in knowing only a couple people and left with what felt like a family. easily the best month of my life.


Robert Clayton Chambers, Maymester 2016 Participant
I think my favorite part of the trip was how quickly we all realized that we were doing something that most people only dream about. I swam in the Great Barrier Reef, I climbed the mountains they used in Lord of the Rings, I jumped out of a plane and off a bridge! It was a once in a life time trip and I think it was one of the best choices I've made since coming to UGA.


Vasishta Sai Monavarty, Maymester 2016 Participant
An experience of a lifetime to experience the world all while learning and making awesome friends.


Maymester 2016 Participant
it was a life changing experience that showed me new adventures, new friends, and new beginnings.


Maymester 2016 Participant
Definitely exceeded all my expectations, most incredible month of my life


Maymester 2016 Participant
Best month of my life! An amazing and unforgettable experience


Maymester 2016 Participant
If you want the trip of a lifetime that you'll never forget, discover abroad is the way to go


Maymester 2017 Participant
I would recommend this study abroad program to everyone. There is so much variety in the places you go and activities you do, that it fits everyone's personality. It opened my eyes to so many things, and it was by far the best month of my life!


Sarah Emily Landa, Maymester 2017 Participant
My discover abroad experience in Australia and New Zealand has allowed me to interact with local people, develop an understanding of different cultures, and experience unparalleled adventures including scuba diving in the great barrier reef and skydiving in the adventure capital of the world.


Maymester 2017 Participant
This goes up there with the best months of my life. From the amazing sights, incredible relationships, and direct application of class material, this was a month that has truly had a lasting impact on my life.


Maymester 2018 Participant
This will be the best month of your entire college experience.


Jon Anders Olsen, Maymester 2018 Participant
Honestly, it was probably the most memorable 25 days of my life.