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UGA - Warnell - Discover Abroad: Maymester Australia and New Zealand: International Business Topics (Light Blue) : Reviews (Aoraki)

The following program review responses have been selected for publication by Education Abroad
Program Evaluation
Sydney Renee Roberson, Maymester 2016 Participant
The experience was worth every dime and more.


Maymester 2016 Participant
Pack clothes for every season because the weather is unpredictable.


Maymester 2016 Participant
This program was the best decision of my life.


Christian Douglas Baumgarth, Maymester 2016 Participant
Discover Abroad allowed me to step out of my comfort zone and experience something a new part of the world. Even though the issues we discussed pertained to our location, the lessons we learned can be adapted to our lives back home as well.


Christopher John Conway, Maymester 2016 Participant
"It was the best month of my life. If you want to have a trip you will never forget and see probably the most beautiful landscape you will ever encounter, go on this trip."


Sydney Renee Roberson, Maymester 2016 Participant
I would recommend this program to everyone. I tell people who ask that it was the best month of my life and if I could get my entire degree studying abroad I would.


Maymester 2016 Participant
Definitely the trip of a lifetime. I wish I could do it 10 more times. I would recommend this trip to anyone and everyone!


Maymester 2017 Participant
It was an incredible experience. Worth it a hundred times over.


Maymester 2017 Participant
This was the best experience of my life. Getting to interact with people of different cultures while with some of my best friends was a once in a lifetime experience that cannot be topped.


Maymester 2017 Participant
It was honestly the best month of my life! I would go back 100 more times if I could!


Maymester 2017 Participant
Taking part in the Australia/New Zealand study abroad enabled me to experience the countries in a manner that I would never be able to when traveling independently.


Maymester 2017 Participant
Study abroad was the best month of my life.


Holly Katherine Shinn, Maymester 2017 Participant
The Australia and New Zealand Discover Abroad trip was one of the best months of my life- an incredible, once-in-a-lifetime experience. From scuba diving with manta rays to studying the fascinating cultures of the countries and bungee jumping in Queenstown, I couldn't trade these adventures. I wish I could do it all over again!


Allison Jane Smith, Maymester 2017 Participant
This study abroad program was the best trip of my life. The amazing experiences I had across the world are unmatched and enhanced by the people I experienced them with.


Jake Chandler Byrd, Maymester 2018 Participant
This was such an amazing experience and am so glad I chose this program. I made some amazing friends and had very unique experiences that I will never forget! Within the same week going from scuba diving in the great barrier reef off an island 30 miles off the coast of Australia to hiking a snow-covered mountain in New Zealand was an experience I will always cherish!


Taylor Anne Champlin, Maymester 2018 Participant
I learned how to better participate in business as a global citizen - I feel I am able to use the information learned on this study abroad to help better the planet for future generations.


Morgan Elise Cocca, Maymester 2018 Participant
I'd do it again in a heartbeat


Maymester 2018 Participant
Amazing experience!


Maymester 2018 Participant
Out of this world experience!