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UGA - SPIA - GLOBIS: Verona Study Abroad Program Spring : Reviews (Florence)

The following program review responses have been selected for publication by Education Abroad
Program Evaluation
Kari Ernestine Sicard, Spring 2016 Participant
All of the destinations were excellent and fun. I really enjoyed and learned a lot about Munich, and Rome was very interesting to visit with our guided tours for the whole time.


Spring 2017 Participant
My favorite parts of the trip were the trips to Munich, Salzburg, Florence, and Rome, which were all included in the program. The Munich trip was great because we went right after our Holocaust class so it fit in perfectly with the curriculum. The Salzburg, Florence, and Rome trips were also all very educational and great cultural experiences.


Carleen Dyar Porter, Spring 2016 Participant
Verona was an amazing experience! It is the perfect trip for anyone who wants an organized study abroad trip, but also leaves many options for those who want to travel independently! Best three months of my life; I only wish it could be longer!


Spring 2017 Participant
The group meals were always very good and authentic.


Cassandra Cherie' Bolt, Spring 2017 Participant
We all had ample opportunity to explore not only the Italian culture, but also all the other European cultures. We were provided with enough free time to assimilate into a different country.


Spring 2017 Participant
For all of the travel, housing, meals, museum passes, etc. included in the program cost it was an amazing deal.


Cassandra Cherie' Bolt, Spring 2017 Participant
It greatly surpassed my expectations. As I sit here and type this, so many memories flash through my mind. This experience changed my life innumerable ways. I will always consider Verona, Italy a home away from home.


Lillian Ruth Chriszt, Spring 2017 Participant
It was above and beyond any expectations I had. Truly.


Spring 2018 Participant
This program is such a fun and maturing experience, I would recommend it to anyone.


Andrew Keniston Meaux, Spring 2016 Participant
"Best experience of my life"


Cassandra Cherie' Bolt, Spring 2017 Participant
This was a life-changing experience that I would not have wanted to have in any other country or town. I love Verona!


Kaitlyn Claassen Nolley, Spring 2017 Participant
This semester surpassed any of my greatest expectations. It was filled with so many new perspectives, great travel experiences, lifelong friendships, and endless amounts of laughter. Verona allowed me to grow as a student by learning more about Italian and European history and culture, and also to grow as a person with the ability to better understand other cultures and people. Coming to Verona was the highlight of my college career.


Spring 2017 Participant
I have never grown more as a person in three months than I did in Verona.