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UGA at Oxford - Franklin Spring Semester (Session II) : Reviews (Oxford)

The following program review responses have been selected for publication by UGA StudyAway
Program Evaluation
Emily S Minnick, Spring 2019 Participant
This program exceeded my expectations in every way imaginable. You learn quickly that this trip is so much more than conquering the academic hurdle of becoming an Oxford student, and it is about the way you grow as a person in every aspect of your life. For me, It was about coping with difficult and stressful situations, learning to rely on others for support, creating a community out of the people you live with, and coming out of the program a better, stronger person having completed it. Everything that happened to me over the course of those 12 weeks was beyond anything I could I have ever hoped for .


Rachel Elizabeth Hally, Spring 2019 Participant
The Oxford program is one of the single best experiences of my college career so far. I enjoyed every single minute that I spent on the program. The city of Oxford is truly a magical place. Every day I felt like I was dreaming. It is surreal to think that some of the greats, such as J.R.R. Tolkien and C.S. Lewis, walked the same roads and spent time in the same pubs that I did. All of the people I met and became friends with made my time at Oxford so much more meaningful. The UGA at Oxford program is an experience that I wish everyone could have.


Spring 2019 Participant
I will never forget the lessons I learned both in and outside the classroom at Oxford. Truly one of the most magical moments of my life. I am eager to go back.


Isabella Maria O'Keefe, Spring 2019 Participant
I had an amazing time at Oxford! It was incredible to be learning at such a beautiful campus, with so much history. While the classes were challenging, I learned so much from my professors that I know I will continue to use in my studies. One of my favorite parts was the friends I made. UGA does a great job helping you get to know the other students, and helped me make friendships I will have for a long time. I also enjoyed making friends with some of the local students and getting to partake in some of their traditions like going to the ball. While Oxford was amazing, I also loved the flexibility which allowed me to travel to other places. I was able to go to many amazing places before, during, and after the program. I loved having the chance to explore so many different cities which were so unique in their own way!


Spring 2020 Participant
"Even in the most difficult time (COVID-19), UGA at Oxford made strong efforts to keep the program true to itself. They care about us students and selected great professors which made the virtual Oxford experience great!"