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UGA - Grady - Cannes Lions Advertising Festival Study Abroad : Reviews (Cannes)

The following program review responses have been selected for publication by Education Abroad
Program Evaluation
Summer 2017 Participant
The group meals were wonderful, I wish we would've had more together.


Nicolette Ruth Sariotis, Summer 2017 Participant
Great once in a lifetime opportunity


Julian Ellis Flurry, Summer 2017 Participant
They hyped of this program a lot and said that if you have the chance then you need to go, so they were able to convince me of going. I can say that the program exceeded my expectations. It was the best month of my life.


Nicolette Ruth Sariotis, Summer 2017 Participant
Most amazing time of my life


Summer 2017 Participant
Explore Cannes. Take a day to just explore the city by yourself. It's absolutely beautiful, and you won't regret taking the time to explore just by yourself.


Leigh Kristen Rixey, Summer 2017 Participant
Go into this program with a complete open mind to meeting new people and experiencing new things. Bring business cards!!!


Summer 2017 Participant
One of the best experiences of my lifetime. I will never forget traveling to Cannes with UGA, and I am so glad I bit the bullet and decided to go. It was a dream come true, and every moment was perfect. Thank you for having me.


Summer 2017 Participant
The Cannes Lions Festival was hands down the best experience of my college career. It exceeded my expectations largely and I'm so happy I took advantage of this incredible opportunity.


Summer 2017 Participant
This is a once in a lifetime trip that everyone needs to try and experience before they leave UGA. It has a little bit of everything: exploring the outdoors, the small town feel, daily travel, festival city life and first class pampering and great people. Nothing can replace what you experience and gain on this trip.


Brittany Pearson, Summer 2017 Participant
Being able to interact with industry professionals while soaking up some sun on the coast of France should put this program at the top of everyone's to do list.


Leigh Kristen Rixey, Summer 2017 Participant
I received SO much out of this experience. From life experience, to experience in the industry I was able to see, meet, and be immersed in the culture.


Ashley Elizabeth Wilhelm, Summer 2017 Participant
Cannes Lions is something I will never forget. Spending a month in the south of France was amazing, but getting to experience this festival is something that not many college students get to be a part of. Professors are awesome. If you are thinking about going on this trip, go.


Kai Caleb Yost, Summer 2017 Participant
No matter what your area of study, everyone can learn something from the Cannes Lions program.