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UGA - SPIA - GLOBIS: Stellenbosch Study Abroad Program : Reviews (Cape Town)

The following program review responses have been selected for publication by Education Abroad
Program Evaluation
Maymester 2018 Participant
The program exceeded my expectations in numerable ways, but what stood out most was the learning opportunities in everyday life in Stellenbosch. I was beyond excited about the opportunities to meet someone new or gain knowledge at every street corner.


Abigail Klaire Walker, Maymester 2017 Participant
Ever since returning to Athens from this trip I have felt even more passionate about my career plans and more pointed on what I want to do. The experience was priceless and while it will certainly look good on my resume, it also has an immense amount of intrinsic value to my college experience.


Maymester 2018 Participant
This program is really fantastic. I would honestly recommend this program to anyone wishing to interact with people from other cultures and those wishing to travel to a region that is different from the US.


Haley Michelle Folmar, Maymester 2016 Participant
Be prepared to get out of your comfort zone in more ways than one. The plethora of experiences you will have access to come about once in a lifetime, so don't miss a single one on the account of sleep or money. South African college students have a different idea of casual (i.e. not tee shirts and athletic shorts), so bring more "cute casual" or trendy clothes that are fall weather appropriate.


Jade Marie Fortiner, Maymester 2017 Participant
Go! Step out of your comfort zone and go to Africa, you won't regret it. The experience is so rewarding and there are so many stories to share with your family and friends when you return. This program truly has the ability to change your life if you'll let it.


Haley Michelle Folmar, Maymester 2016 Participant
This experience completely changed the way I think about poverty and other challenges different societies face. I got a unique and in depth view of South Africa and its citizens that I will never forget or take for granted. The South African people are so willing to tell you their stories, most of which are emotional and heart wrenching, but getting to hear about their struggle as a nation was such a privilege.


Maya Neel, Maymester 2016 Participant
When we sit in classrooms studying the Cold War, Iraq War, or current events, we learn from textbook readings, lectures, or documentaries, but are unable to go back in time or travel across the world to truly experience what we are attempting to comprehend. However, living and studying the history and culture of South Africa while in Stellenbosch, South Africa allowed us to take everything Dr. Crepaz and Dr. Finlay were teaching us and apply it to the society. The ability to spend several hours in a classroom setting and then drive 10 minutes to a township inhabited by a population affected by the apartheid history and failing educational system was an incredible experience. Rather than looking at pictures in a textbook or documentaries, we had the opportunity to experience what we were learning in the classroom. I highly recommend this program to students interested in a unique opportunity to interact with different cultures and idea and learn both intellectual and life lessons.


Jessica Jonel Sagastume, Maymester 2016 Participant
Studying abroad in South Africa changed my life; it sounds like an exaggeration, but its not. Everyone says that studying abroad is amazing, but you won't understand that unless you actually go, and the Stellenbosch program definitely receives 5 starts from me.


Emma Caroline Bailey, Maymester 2017 Participant
"The University of Georgia Stellenbosch program is unrivaled in regards to study abroad opportunities. The fact that students get to know the true character of the city by experiencing both luxury and poverty as they occur in the Western Cape culture make the experience exponentially more meaningful for students. The service learning aspect is what profoundly affects the hearts and minds of the students, and I strongly believe every abroad program should have a service learning component after participating in this one. The best five weeks of my life."


Mary Micayla Davidson, Maymester 2017 Participant
The program encompasses endless adventures, first-hand experiences, and wholesome understandings. The in-class teaching paired with the after-school program allowed us to witness the disparities through personal stories and conversations. From riding elephants, to bungee jumping, to spending afternoons tutoring, I wish I could relive this month over and over again.


Solomon Greene, Maymester 2017 Participant
From what I got to experience and from discussions from those that went on other study abroads, I believe this program is secretly the best that UGA has to offer. Its a perfect combination of cultural immersion, historical context, city-life, fine dining, nature, and wildlife.


Maymester 2017 Participant
This program does an excellent job of actually applying what you have learned in the classroom to out of classroom activities. South Africa is an incredibly unique country with a fascinating history. It was wonderful seeing everything we were learning in class actually happening in real life. That is extremely valuable in a study abroad program, and it's something that a lot of programs lack now. The ability to serve with the Kayamandi community while educating ourselves about their history and culture was nothing short of life-changing and thought provoking.


Emily Ann Stone, Maymester 2017 Participant
The South Africa study abroad program is an immersive experience which couples classroom work with real-world interactions. I loved every part of the trip, from working with students in the Kayamandi township to bungee jumping over the Zambezi River.


Maymester 2017 Participant
I would recommend the Stellenbosch Study Abroad program to any student interested in development! Not only do the professors challenge students to expand their definition of development, but they also foster personal growth.


Maymester 2018 Participant
This trip will force you to go outside of your comfort zone, question everything around you, teach you, and provide more experiences than you could have ever imagined.


Ashlyn Tara Kloda, Maymester 2018 Participant
The Stellenbosch maymester is one of the very few study abroad programs that offers such a large amount of quality and variety in the places that you can go and the things that you can do. We were able to fully engage with the Kayamandi township through our service learning with VisionAfrika, fully immerse ourselves in the culture that we were learning about in the classroom, and view incredible wildlife in Zimbabwe and Botswana. The Stellenbosch program was a life changing experience for me, and I truly hope that many more students take advantage of this incredible opportunity.


Taylor Alene Ogden, Maymester 2018 Participant
This experience allowed me to get a real-life look into how development should occur while allowing me to actually feel like I made a positive impact, too. I got to see so many different components of a complex history, and had a truly immersive experience. The professors combined education, community engagement, and adventure all into one program that taught me more than a regular classroom could.