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and Middle School Education : Reviews (Modena)

The following program review responses have been selected for publication by Education Abroad
Program Evaluation
Kathryn Elizabeth Payne, Maymester 2017 Participant
I loved living with a host family and getting the opportunity to live like and Italian. I also love my Italian family and am so grateful for the close relationships that I have through this program with each family member.


Alexandra Christina Godwin, Maymester 2017 Participant
Dr. Tolley has this trip down to a science-- she works with a great company (Victoria Language and Culture) who do a fantastic job at making sure all of us are comfortable, happy, and making the most out of our trip.


Megan Eleanor Wemyss, Maymester 2016 Participant
very different from my expectations but so much more wonderful than I could have imagined


Kathryn Elizabeth Payne, Maymester 2017 Participant
I did not come into this program with many expectations for fear of the trip not meeting them; however, this trip exceeded any expectation I did have and I would recommend that everyone do it. This trip allowed me to study and be a teacher for a month and get a lot of hands on experience as well as seeing a lot of the beauty that Italy offered.


Kathryn Elizabeth Payne, Maymester 2017 Participant
After this experience in Modena, Italy, I feel a lot more confident in my decision to study education and to be an educator. I also feel a whole lot more confident in myself. I was able to meet and make a community in Modena as well as with my fellow education majors. This is an experience I will forever be grateful for.


Kathryn Elizabeth Payne, Maymester 2017 Participant
I would advise that any future participants come into the program open minded and with few expectations of how it should go. I kept the attitude of go with the flow. I always said yes to any experience. When it came to food that looked a little different, I said yes. When I was asked about simple tasks such as going to the grocery store, I said yes. I got to see a side of Italy that tourists do not see and it was even more beautiful than I could have imagined.


Megan Eleanor Wemyss, Maymester 2016 Participant
A challenging, emotional, engaging, and heart-warming experience that will forever change the way I view children and the world they live in


Maymester 2016 Participant
"Don't miss out on the trip and opportunity of a lifetime!"


Maymester 2017 Participant
My study abroad program was the best experience of my life.


Mary Liles Fiveash, Maymester 2017 Participant
Living with a host family was something that I never thought I could do. It ended up being one of the best experiences I could have ever had. I still keep in contact with my host family and they have even invited me back!