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Travel Advisories

Travel Advisories

The University of Georgia recognizes that international travel, communication, and partnerships are essential to UGA's academic, research, and outreach mission and supports these endeavors. The University is equally committed to the safety and well-being of its students, faculty, and staff who travel to support the University's mission, and realizes that some areas and regions of the world present heightened health, safety, and security risks. Specifically, countries and areas that carry U.S. State Department Travel Advisory Level 3/4 require special consideration and review to manage and mitigate risk, and in many circumstances, require the avoidance of travel altogether, thus the ability to travel under UGA sponsorship or financing to countries under a State Department Travel Advisory Level 3/4 is limited. The US State Department issues Travel Advisory Level 3/4 "when long-term, protracted conditions that make a country dangerous or unstable lead the State Department to recommend that Americans avoid or consider the risk of travel to that country."

Travel to Countries under a Travel Advisory Level 3/4 or CDC Warning Level 3

For full detail, please see the International Travel Policy.
For Travel Advisories, please see the U.S. State Department website.
For Warning Levels and Notices, please see the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website.


In an additional effort to manage and mitigate risk, UGA may limit travel to regions for which the State Department has issued a Travel Alert or has indicated imminent dangerous conditions, but stops short of a Travel Advisory Level 3/4. The ability to travel to such an area depends on a number of circumstances.