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Domestic Field Study Programs

Existing Program Planning
Domestic Field Study programs provide students with site-specific learning opportunities within the United States. Some Field Study programs include tours of museums, archaeological digs, geological sites, and other experiences where the site constitutes an important resource for instruction. 
The Office of Global Engagement (OGE) is always open to exploring the development of new faculty-led programs. Proposing a new program is a process requiring the involvement of OGE, relevant department administration/staff, the Office of Curriculum Systems, and the Dean(s) of the appropriate college(s). To allow sufficient planning time for a new or existing domestic field study program, it is best to start the process at least 12 months prior to the estimated program departure date.

New Program Proposal

If this is the first time the program is running, a new Program Proposal Application needs to be put in place. Click the "New Program Proposal" to go to the proposal page:

Existing Program Planning

If you have already have a Domestic Field Study Program, you will use the Existing Program Planning Application. Click the "New Program Proposal" to go to the planning page:
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