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Accompanying Individuals

Accompanying Individuals


An Accompanying Individual (AI) is a person(s) not providing direct benefits to NOR attending Study Away programs, such as spouses, partners, legal dependent(s), or minor child of program faculty and/or staff. Grandchildren, nieces, nephews or other relatives and family friends who are not legal dependents are not allowed to accompany a program unless they are enrolled as UGA students participating fully in the program. An accompanying individual may also be an adult supervising a legal dependent or minor (relative or non-relative adult). Please see the Accompanying Individuals Policy for the extended definition of Accompanying Individuals.

Accompanying Individuals fall into two categories:

  1. Individuals not associated with the teaching, logistical delivery of the program, or
  2. Special Academic Guests

Students participating in a study away program may NOT sponsor an accompanying individual.


Accompanying Individuals wishing to travel with all or a portion of the Study Away program must adhere to the Accompanying Individuals Policy.

The presence of Accompanying Individuals on the program must be disclosed in advance during program planning and be approved by OGE to travel with the program.

Program Directors, Faculty/Staff Sponsors, or accompanying participants who understand and are willing to meet these conditions must submit an online Registration for Accompanying Individual. The ability of an individual to accompany the program is not final until these documents have been submitted and, subsequently, reviewed and approved by the Office of Global Engagement.


Accompanying Individuals must register under one of the categories below:
Registration Type Use
Accompanying Individuals - Traveler: adults 18 and over not going as a special academic guest
- Individual creates their own registration
Accompanying Individuals - UNDER 18 - Traveler: minors
- UGA Sponsor creates registration on the dependent’s behalf as minors are not allowed to sign documents
- In case of more than one minor joining, enter them all in the same registration.
Accompanying Individuals - Special Departmental and Leadership Guest - Traveler: special academic guest
- Individual creates their own registration
Note: Complete instructions on completing an AI Registration.

Deadline to Register

Program Term Deadline
Fall July 15
Spring (includes Winter Breaks) December 15
Spring Break Feb 15
Summer (includes Maymester) April 15
*Please contact for registrations past the deadline.

Initial Steps

Upon creation of registration, the system will prompt a series of documents and questions to be completed in order to get pre-approval. Once all those are completed, the person can submit their registration for review.

Upon submission, the OGE will be notified and begin the registration review process. The process involves checking all documentation for completeness and accuracy. The OGE will contact the registrant should anything be improperly submitted or incomplete.

Once the review process is complete, the OGE will notify the registrant about the registration decision.

Documentation includes:
  • AI - Authorization of Emergency Medical Treatment
  • AI - CISI Insurance Agreement
  • AI - Emergency Contact Information
  • AI - General Questionnaire
  • AI - Health Questionnaire
  • AI – Itineraries
  • AI - Passport Scan
  • AI - Policy Agreement
  • AI - Release of All Claims
  • AI - Request Form
    • for Accompanying Individuals and Accompanying Individuals (UNDER 18)
  • AI - Rationale Form
    • for Accompanying Individuals (Special Departmental and Leadership Guest)

After Pre-Approval

If approved, the registrant will be notified of such so they can complete the final steps of the registration:
  • AI – Acknowledgement of Risk and Release
  • AI – CISI Insurance* Card
Note: Insurance enrollment with CISI is required for all Accompanying Individuals regardless of registration type, age, and length of travel. Insurance enrollment is done by the individual OR their sponsor using the CISI Enrollment Form for dependents. Insurance cost is set to $1.36 per day for 2022-23.

*More insurance information, such as the policy and coverage, can be found on the Insurance page of the StudyAway Portal.