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Diversity Abroad

Studying abroad can be a fantastic journey of self-discovery and personal edification!  For LGBTQ students, studying abroad can present some unique opportunities and challenges.  Attitudes about same-sex relationships vary from country to country as it varies regionally in the U.S. Students should speak with their advisor and research their future host country before going abroad to learn about the social customs and laws on same-sex relationships. 

Diversity Resources

NAFSA's Rainbow Special Interest Group (
Web based information and resources for gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender study abroad students run by an interest group from the national professional association for international education.  There is a page of links on the website that offers a tremendous list of resources. 
Diversity Abroad is an organization that provides a central location for resources on diversity abroad, including race/ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation.
US State Department tips and resources for LGBT travelers. 

National Center for Transgender Equality (
NCTE provides an overview on the travel process from what to bring to what to expect to how to report misconduct if you encounter any.

George Washington University. "LGBTQ Students Abroad." Accessed June 2, 2016.


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