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COVID-19 Information




Do I have to be vaccinated against COVID-19 to participate in study abroad?
The University System of Georgia and the University of Georgia strongly encourage you to get vaccinated. Pursuant to state and University System of Georgia (USG) rules, we cannot ask our students for proof of their vaccination status, and we should not treat vaccinated and un-vaccinated individuals differently unless dictated by law or applicable guidance. In addition, students should not be asked about their vaccine status and segregated in a classroom or from other instructor-student interactions (e.g., office hours, group work, field trips, labs, etc.) based on their vaccination status.

However, students may be required by off-campus partnering organizations to wear masks and/or be vaccinated as a condition of participation in experiential learning opportunities such as study abroad programs, externships and delivery of medical services. Please consult with a specific study abroad program regarding third-party vaccination requirements for that program.

In the case of study abroad programs where vaccinations are not required by off-campus partnering organizations, be advised that study abroad participants who cannot show proof of vaccination may be required by external entities to get tested for COVID-19 and/or quarantine. These participants are responsible for locating appropriate testing sites, paying for and securing testing results in a timely manner, and for any and all other costs associated with testing and quarantine.
I do not have a Passport or it might be expiring, will I get it in time to study abroad?
We encourage students to check their passport expiration dates or apply for first-time passports through the UGA Passport Services Office to avoid problems due to the unusually long processing times. Current processing times are up to 13 weeks for regular processing or 9 weeks for expedited processing!  Apply here.

Expedited service ($60 fee) can take up to 13 weeks from the day a passport application is submitted to the day a new passport is received.

The 13 weeks includes up to 9 weeks for processing and up to 4 weeks for mail/intake on the front and back end. 

UGA is currently offering financial support for undergraduate students to apply for their first adult US passports.  Learn more about the UGA Passport Initiative.
How can I learn more about study abroad at UGA?
We encourage students to explore study abroad opportunities, scholarships and more through the following resources:
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